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ETG’s market analysis services leverage primary research to deliver a complete view of the market, the trends, the issues, and analyses of products and companies in the subject areas that we cover. No matter how well your company is performing in any area of your technology’s life cycle, ETG’s knowledge and experience can provide insight into emerging technologies and products and add further value to your IT environment with an eye to increasing revenues and reducing your operating costs.

ETG offers the following types of services for users and vendors:

Monitors and provides analyses of market trends, IT companies and products;

Evaluates technologies;

Performs competitive analyses;

Helps CIOs and other management people make the most successful IT decisions in the context of their businesses;

Provides information that helps companies position themselves competitively;

Generates White Papers, Press Releases, and Presentations;

Provides on-demand access to company analysts via telephone and email; and

Provides periodic face-to-face contact and discussions with clients to present technology, product, and trend information and to discuss clients' IT issues.



Our Goal

ETG’s goal for its Market Analysis services is to use its in-depth IT market and product knowledge and analyses to provide IT information, insight, and advice. This information, insight, and advice will help organizations define key technology directions with the highest value in the short- and long-term.


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