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Wendy Rauch founded and became President of Emerging Technologies Group (ETG) in 1988. She has more than 20 years of  computer industry experience as a consultant, industry analyst, system administrator, programmer, developer of open system and networking standards, and technical magazine writer/editor, and marketing director. She has also provided competitive sales force training and expert witness services in database management, real-time, client-server, operating system, and open system areas. At present, she is doing strategic planning and industry analysis for users and vendors in ETG's technology coverage areas.

As president of ETG, Ms. Rauch worked with users and vendors in multiple industries (e.g., investment banks, manufacturing, process, communications, networking, aerospace, electric utilities, oil companies, and government agencies. She also worked with multiple industry analyst and consulting organizations and was responsible for Charles River Consultantsí partnerships, technical marketing activities, and strategic e-business planning. She set the initial strategic open systems directions taken by IBM's iSeries (previously AS/400) Group through much of the 1990s. In addition, she provided product positioning and competitive sales force training for IBM and Compaq. In fact, at Compaq's worldwide sales force training meetings, she received the top rating of all of Compaq's sales force training sessions. 

As part of her ETG work, Ms. Rauch worked with top management, Boards of Directors, acquisitions departments, technical management, and "turn-around" CEOs. Finally, Ms. Rauch has written numerous articles and columns for the trade press, given many invited keynote talks and chaired multiple seminar and exposition panels.

Ms. Rauch has also published extensively in IT magazines and written five books published by major publishers. Her book, "Distributed Open Systems Engineering" (Wiley & Sons), includes a software database tool, that she developed to implement her distributed open systems planning methodology described in the book. This methodology is currently part of the Department of Defenseís e-business strategy planning. Ms. Rauch's other books on artificial intelligence (Prentice-Hall) were used at Harvard University and Stanford University, as well as in the commercial world. The books were also translated into Spanish for use in South America and Spain.

Ms. Rauch was a pioneer in distributed open systems and has participated in many of the networking, POSIX, and data interchange standards groups, many of which have evolved into e-business. She taught distributed open systems for four years at Carnegie Mellon University. She was an advisor to US Federal Congress congressional staffers, and a panel member and advisor to the Congressional Research Service on International Trade in the Communications and Computer Industries. She lectured throughout China as part of an American delegation.

Wendy holds a Masterís degree in Computer Science from Polytechnic University of New York, another Masterís degree in Biochemistry from C.W. Post/Long Island University, and a Bachelorís degree in Chemistry from Brooklyn College.

ETG's Analysts

ETG analysts are senior people with experience in market research and technology practice. They have first-hand, real-world experience with emerging commercial technologies. 

No mere observers of the passing scene, ETG analysts have worked as software and hardware product developers, application and e-business programmers, and marketing managers in commercial companies and they teach HTML, JAVA, and UNIX/LINUX system administration at various universities. ETG analysts also sit on open systems, Internet, and Web standards committees and actively contribute to the work of these and other groups.


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