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Alcoa Information Builders  
Amoco Integrated Systems/Software Components  
Apple Computer Intel Corp.
Bellcore Internal Revenue Service  
Boeing Computer Services Iversen Technology Marketing  
C3 Corporation J.P. Morgan  
Cargill, Inc. Lachman Technologies  
Carnegie-Mellon University  Logicon
CBIS Federal Inc. Lynx Real Time Systems  

Charles River Computer     Consultants

Marshall Space Center
Charles Schwab & Co.    Meta Group
Chevron    Miller-Freeman  
Compaq Mitre Corporation
Computer Associates Modcomp Division of AEG
Concurrent Computer Corp. Motorola
D.H. Brown Associates  NASA
Digital Equipment Corporation (Compaq) (Multiple Groups)

NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology   

Diversity Careers in Engineering and IT  NYCBOE  
DMR Group Oracle Database Organization  
Department of Defense/Joint  Owens-Corning Fiberglas  
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) 
QNX Software Systems
Interoperability & Engineering Organization
Paul Reiner, Inc. 
Standards Agency
Pick Systems  
DISA Megacenters Ravenswood Aluminum
Duke Power Shell Oil  
Eastman Kodak  Sprint
Electronic Data Systems (EDS)  Standish Group
Encore Computer State of Minnesota
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tandem/Compaq Computers
Exxon Tennessee Valley Authority
Ford Motor Company  Texas Instruments
Fujitsu The Yankee Group
Gartner Group  US Air Force
General Motors  US Army
General Public Utilities US Coast Guard  
GIGA Group US Federal Congress Congressional Staffers  
Grumman Data Systems  US Navy
Harris Computer  Unisys Corporation
Hewlett-Packard (Multiple Divisions) Verizon/NYNEX  
Hitachi    Wang Laboratories
IBM (DB2, Application Server, iSeries, AIX, networking, and other groups) Weyerhaeuser  
ICL of North America Wind River Systems
Ideas International 


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